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Sexual dysfunction can be the death of a relationship. Neither partner knows what to do, and most of the time it is just too embarrassing to get help. And so it goes... Not knowing where to turn, or how to overcome the problem. The third part of this book has an innovative and interesting
solution. The therapeutic interventions in the section on sexual dysfunction were created to allow a couple to solve the problem together. Using the interactive tape, or an induction script from the book, the couple can use hypnosis on each other to help overcome dysfunction. There are scripts for ending impotence, overcoming premature ejaculation, releasing inhibitions and fears, and helping overcome resistance to letting go during sex.

In addition to eliminating dysfunction, many people who have used these methods tell me that their sex lives are better than ever. The trust is greater and a new passion is shared. I think that a deeper connection can be made when couples place this kind of trust in each other, and the bond is strengthened.


You could also use these scripts to create your own hypnosis tapes if you do not have a willing partner to hypnotize you. Listening to the tape over the course of several days, or a few weeks can reverse the inner conflict that has created the problem and allow your subconscious mind to tap into some seriously great pleasure. And that's a good thing. :)

So what are you waiting for? A bolt of lightning?

It is easy to order the book and tapes, and most of the time they are shipped out the same day I get the order. And I know you will love them. The book is almost 300 pages, and there are two CD sessions that are included in the set. You could order the book by itself (only 19.00) but the CD sessions are quite fun, and the HYPNOSIS FOR MAGNETISM CD will make you a better person. Honest. It will.

The book and CD set are only $49.00. And there are none of those nasty side effects.

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