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b2Hypnotize Your Lover, and you can enjoy leaning the art of erotic hypnosis to explore the depths of your sexual nature, to expand the possibilities of pleasure, and create unusual scenarios to amplify the sensations and feelings in your lover.

You will Hypnotize Your Lover to respond to your voice, a keyword, or a touch and melt at your command.
You can teach your lover to respond to your voice in such a way that it will create deep longing and unbelievable desire.

You can play, experiment and explore the levels of passion available to your body while in trance. And the really good part is that you don't have to become a hypnotist to experience this! In the second part of the book, I have created all the instructions and scripts for you to take your partner to new levels of arousal and pleasure, to increase the sex drive, to create posthypnotic suggestions and anchors. The interactive CD in the set is an interactive hypnosis induction that first uses my voice to hypnotize your lover, then once the state of trance is achieved the voice on the CD tells your lover that "the next voice you hear, the next touch you feel, is the one you will respond to, the one you will crave and long for... the one that will reach deep inside of your mind and body and allow you to explore and discover something you never imagined!" Guess what?

That next voice and touch is your voice... your touch. And if you are wondering just what you will say next, well... It is all in the book. You can use a script, or use the posthypnotic suggestions, or create an anchor or a command for your lover! And ladies, you can even make a hypnotic suggestion that he will not be able to climax until you say the "word"! Men, you could create a word and an anchor that will unleash her deepest desires for you, and then use that word next time you are on the phone with her, or when you call her at work and just want to drive her crazy and make her squirm.

Together you can take a journey with the MUTUAL HYPNOSIS induction and go to an erotic place together in your minds. Imagine taking the journey together, as if you are both in the same erotic dream. The potential is almost unlimited... Only limited by your sense of good taste and decency. But you may find you can even bend that a little with the right suggestions!

But Wendi, you ask... what if my husband is impotent? What about my boyfriends premature ejaculation problem? Or you guys might be wondering, " what can I do to help her achieve orgasm easier, to allow her to really let go?"

Well, I've figured that out as well... Read on

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