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Learn the art of Hypnotic Seduction today.
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Get comfortable, take a deep breath, light a candle, and allow yourself to learn about and experience the art of hypnotic seduction.
I will be your guide and if you like... You can let my words sink gently into your mind, where you may feel the curiosity growing, and the longing to learn more beginning to consume you.

What if...

you could experience more passion, more pleasure, more of everything that is sensual and special? Hypnotize your lover...


what it might be like if you are to intensify your body's experience of touch, smell, sound... To actually illuminate your senses hypnotically. I believe you can.

And you...

may already be wondering just how you could help your Lover to feel more
passionate, more pleasured, or maybe more adventurous. With hypnosis?

As you imagine...

the feelings that you could create with just a word, or a touch, you probably find your own sense of adventure increasing.


Hypnosis can help you to explore what brings you pleasure. You can become wonderfully magnetic, irresistible and sensual, or perhaps you would like to feel more confident, more charismatic, or courageous. Hypnosis is a way of directing your mind to bring you more of what you do want. And if you want to experience a more exhilarating love life... Then , by all means, read on.

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Someone on mindlist was asking about the above book by Wendi. I recently ordered this book along with two tape cassettes. For anyone out there wondering about ordering I would recommend that you go ahead and do so. Her book is filled with SO MUCH good information and her tapes are the BEST I've heard. The Delivery Service is awesome... Only waited one day!

D. Smith-


I don't know if you've read Wendi's book (http://www.wendi.com) yet but I think she may have solved the riddle of what you and I were talking about and why sometimes things don't work as they should. My 5 Star recommendation. Her advice on rapport building is absolutely essential from a woman's perspective. And she's got a great sense of humor too.

This woman is the fucking BOMB!!! I'm betting she's a Sag. That's the first book I've read about seduction that was written for men by a woman. I'd say she's coming from an expert position. There's stuff in there I've never considered... You'll love it!
BTW, she has the most hypnotic and sexy voice I have EVER heard. I'm having a great time listening to these tapes! They are incredible. Wish I'd found her years ago.

A.J. Florida

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